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SAMA projects and realizes pavements for sport facilities and sporting equipments. Thanks to its multi-year experience in sport fields installations, SAMA offers different products and services, giving to the customers indoor and outdoor solutions. SAMA uses a wide set of well-advanced materials: ACRYLIC RESIN, POLYURETHANE RESIN, SYNTHETIC GRASS, NATURAL GRASS, RED CLAY, PREFABRICATED RUBBER AND SHOCKPROOF RUBBER. SAMA realizes, according to the federal laws, different types of SPORT PAVEMENTS: athletic tracks, soccer fields, five-a-side fields, tennis courts, basketball courts, rugby fields, multi-purpose fields, synthetic bowling greens, skating rinks, cycle tracks and also playground areas.

The realized surfaces have been studied and tested to be suitable for every kind of game and the quality guarantees a good length of time, limiting to the minimum level the need of maintenance. These are all qualities that satisfy both players and fields keepers. Thanks to these characteristics SAMA has become a leader in its sector and the company stands out for the use of well-advanced technologies.
Our technical experts offer an high-quality assistance also in planning and installing steel grandstands, fences and everything is useful for a sport facility. SAMA collaborates with the LEGA NAZIONALE DILETTANTI, an important Italian association, in the homologations of sport pavements. A significant number of realizations has allowed us to study and satisfy both players and field keepers, changing our solutions with passion and competence. Our experience, acquired in the years, make us grow up and become an important company: we’re a benchmark for soccer companies like S.S. CALCIO NAPOLI, for whom SAMA realized and currently manages its soccer practice fields.