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The main technical element of a natural grass field is the drainage. SAMA uses the “SAMA RETICULAR SYSTEM”: this system drains and humidifiers the soccer field, with the main drainages placed in the shorter side of the field, with the insertion of special punched tubes for the flow of the water and the realization of secondary drainages that are orthogonal to the first ones, so we have the reticular system.
Subsequently, we do the leveling out of the surfaces with the Motograder with laser command to realize the right inclinations. After we take a sample of the land of the area to analyze its components: we have to know if the land is suitable for the growth of the grass. Afterwards, we sow the seeds appropriate to the climate and to the characteristics physical-chemical of the land.
The field will be completed with an automatic irrigation system that provides the water for the growth and the maintenance of the meadow.